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Welcome to Galapagos, Welcome home


Stay with us

If you enjoy slow, off the path traveling; if you are coming to Galapagos to see what Charles Darwin saw; if you want to be hosted by Ecuadorians to learn more about the country´s culture, food and people; if you want to have a fun, experiential learning trip; if you want to see Galapagos but do not want to be on a boat all day; if you enjoy exclusivity and personal attention to details, then you want to see Galapagos with Montemar.


Home of the Galapagos Giant Tortoises


Montemar’s villas are located in a privileged place: The Galapagos Giant Tortoises Territory.

From July to February, Giant Tortoises are found in Montemar. Sometimes you will enjoy their company from the window of your room.  From March until June you will find them at walking distance from Montemar.  MonteMar is located on a 43-acre property, with giant tortoise ponds, an organic coffee plantation, feral horses, native and endemic flora and fauna and lots of other activities to experience.

Montemar is silence, peace and nature.  It is located far enough away from town to feel the isolation felt by the first explorers and to feel the wildness of Galapagos, but close enough to hop into town whenever you feel like it.


Roberto & Reyna

Owned  and run by Ecuadorians and Galapagueños -Roberto and Reyna-, who will share more about the country´s culture, food and people through delicious meals with local ingredients and recipes, end of the day activities or talks and high attention to details that will ensure a peaceful and fun stay.

Roberto Plaza is Ecuadorian and was born in Guayaquil. He earned his degree in biology with an emphasis on ecology and sustainable development at the Latin University of Costa Rica. Roberto has been a naturalist guide in the Galapagos Islands since 1994 and has worked as a consultant for national park management topics in Costa Rica and Ecuador. He is the “Natural Habitat Adventure’s” Galapagos Senior Naturalist and designer and owner of Montemar with his wife, Reyna. 

He is passionate about evolution and wildlife, especially birds and plants. His ability to link information and relate it to daily life makes his talks about Galapagos’ geology, evolution and human history a mind-blowing experience. Roberto is also an experienced surfer and nature photographer. Roberto leads the design of naturalist experiences at Montemar. 

Galapagos changed my life for good. Sharing the power of nature in this wonderful natural gem -Galapagos- is a pleasure.
— Reyna Oleas, Owner

Reyna Oleas earned her degree in Ecology from Universidad San Francisco de Quito and M.B.A.  in Costa Rica. Her commitment to nature has lead her to contribute to conservation in different fields, such as education being Director of Scalesia Foundation, policy making as advisor to ministries and decision makers with specialty in  finance for environment. Now she is thrilled to share her commitment to sustainable development form the business sector with Montemar.  


The experience

Montemar provides the opportunity for slow, off the path traveling for a fun, experiential learning trip,   to see what Charles Darwin saw. Montemar offers daily excursions with the best  naturalist guides, agencies and operators. Montemar is a one-of-a-kind stay- vacation experience, which includes nature, good food, culture, inspiration, and lots of fun.  

Montemar believes that the action of individuals, families and communities can contribute to deep social change. Individuals are more connected that we can perceive. We are part of a collective consciousness that is always seeking for our physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. This is why we have designed an experience that will enhance your link with nature.


The Eco-efficient Villas

Montemar was born from a family who decided to put their money where their mouth was. It started as a dream of a family that believes change happens with individual contributions, with doers and with risk takers like you and us.

 Montemar gets the best of nature for you. As the first and completely eco-efficient operation in Galapagos, it has the lowest environmental footprint in the Islands. And what does this mean? That your stay in Galapagos has the least impact on Galapagos´ natural resources.

Montemar collects 100% of the water used in its operation from the rain. Clouds that come with no contact with civilization for thousands of miles arrive to Galapagos. You will take a shower in and drink  one of the most natural waters on Earth. We treats rain water with frontier non-invasive technology to maintain all its natural benefits.

Montemar generates 99% of the energy used in its operation with solar panels and solar water heaters. We grow part of the organic food that you will taste during your stay. You can help harvest and prepare your meals if you are ready for some action in the kitchen and the garden. Free range, organic chickens and ingredients from the organic and biodynamic garden are a plus for your taste.

 Nature provided the local materials used for the construction that, besides providing camouflage, helped create a very pleasant atmosphere. Bamboo, Spanish Cedar and Lava Rocks are the basic ingredients of Montemar.

If you want to support environmental and social sustainable practices, then you want  to see Galapagos with us.  

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