The Sustainable Villas

Montemar gets the best of nature for you. As the first and completely eco-efficient operation in Galapagos, Montemar has the lowest environmental footprint of any operation in the Islands. And what does this mean? That implies that your stay has the least impact on Galapagos´ natural resources.

Montemar collects 100% of the water used in its operation from the rain. Clouds that come with no contact with civilization for thousands of miles arrive to Galapagos. You will take a shower in and drink one of the most natural waters on Earth. Montemar treats rain water with frontier non-invasive technology to maintain all its natural benefits.

Montemar generates 99% of the energy used in its operation with solar panels and solar water heaters. Montemar grows part of the organic food that you will taste during your stay. You can help harvest and prepare your meals if you are ready for some action in the kitchen and the garden. Free range, organic chickens and ingredients from the organic and biodynamic garden are a plus for your taste.

Nature provided the local materials used for the construction that, besides providing camouflage, helped create a very pleasant atmosphere. Bamboo, Spanish Cedar and Lava Rocks are the basic ingredients of Montemar.

If you want to support environmental and social sustainable practices, then you want to see Galapagos with Montemar. We are passionate about what we do and we are thrilled to help you organize the trip of a lifetime.