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Imagine walking through a path surrounding by nature and ending at our private coffee plantation to learn more about it.

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Yoga and meditation are daily options that you can take with our instructors. In Montemar you can use your private deck outside your room or the Yoga Studio.


Professional masseuse can give you the relaxation you need after all the adventures and walking you did in the island. Explore our options of massages, facials and other relaxing activities.

galapagos hotel

The tasting menu takes the most iconic dishes from Ecuador so you can travel all this country by its flavors and colors. Kids and families enjoy our flexibility to put together pizza with the most sophisticated versions of any plate. Bon appetite.

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The most iconic animal in the Galapagos is part of our experiences, you can find the Galapagos Tortoise walking among our villas. You can also learn about the scientific and conservation programs that Montemar supports as part of the commitment with the long-term conservation of Galapagos Tortoises in the Islands.

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¨While I loved every minute of the trip, the talk of Roberto's  and Reyna´s project will stick with me forever.  Such a thoughtful and respectful approach to living in such a unique and treasured place.  I think everyone on our trip went home looking for ways to live more ecofriendly in their own homes”. -Elissa M, California, United States.