A family and the love for nature.


At Montemar you are going to be hosted by Galapagueños that will share more about the country´s culture, food and people through delicious meals with local ingredients and recipes, end of the day activities or talks and high attention to details that will ensure a peaceful and fun stay.


Roberto Plaza

Roberto Plaza is Ecuadorian and was born in Guayaquil. He earned his degree in biology with an emphasis on ecology and sustainable development at the Latin University of Costa Rica. Roberto has been a naturalist guide in the Galapagos Islands since 1994 and has worked as a consultant for national park management topics in Costa Rica and Ecuador. He is the designer and owner of MonteMar with his wife, Reyna. 

He is passionate about evolution and wildlife, especially birds and plants. His ability to link information and relate it to daily life makes his talks about Galapagos’ geology, evolution and human history a mind-blowing experience. Roberto is also an experienced surfer and nature photographer. Roberto leads the design of naturalist experiences at MonteMar. 

“Galapagos is a place where you can connect and be one with nature. The closeness with wildlife you experience here is found nowhere else.”
— Roberto Plaza


Reyna Oleas

Reyna Oleas earned her degree in Ecology from Universidad San Francisco de Quito and M.B.A.  from INCAE, Costa Rica. Her commitment to nature has lead her to contribute to conservation in different fields, such as education being Director of Scalesia Foundation, policy making as advisor to ministries and decision makers and now in the business sector with MonteMar. 

“Galapagos changed my life for good. Sharing the power of nature in this wonderful natural gem -Galapagos- is a pleasure.”
— Reyna Oleas